Missing out on the good news

starbucksThis past weekend someone I know posted something on social media that amazed and perplexed me in the worst way possible. The video they posted was a viral video that was about starting a movement, a movement to get the words Merry Christmas on Starbucks coffee cups. Now I don’t know much about the history of movements, but my guess is this is one of the worst ones ever!

In the video, this gentlemen who I have seen videos posted of before but not watched, explains that Starbucks took the words Merry Christmas off their coffee cups, and we should get them back on. So when the baristas at Starbucks ask your name, tell them it is Merry Christmas, so they have to write it on the cups and say it. He also goes on to point out his high quality christian t-shirt and concealed weapon he likes to carry. I am sure he means well, and probably does a lot of good, but in this movement he seems misguided.

What he is suggesting is not really a movement, at least not one that represents Christ well.


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