What It’s Like to Have a Panic Attack While You Preach

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anxietyI don’t talk about it much but I struggle with depression and anxiety. I have for a long time. Sometimes it seems like no big deal, sometimes it is a very big deal. For the most part, I am fortunate as I know many people have struggles much worse than mine.

One of the ways my struggles like to show up once in awhile is with panic attacks. I don’t really like the term panic attack, there is something about the term that I have never really been comfortable with. But that is what they are, panic attacks. There is no reason for them, but they happen sometimes. Sometimes I do have provoked anxiety attacks but more often than not, there is no reason for me to be feeling what I am feeling.

I have been fortunate for the most part that these attacks have shown up when no one else is around and nothing significant is happening. Usually I’m in bed, or just getting ready for the day.

That is usually, but there was one time it was different.

One time the ugly monster of panic overwhelmed me just before I was about to preach.